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Cloud Solutions

‘The Cloud’ is a pretty broad subject. Essentially, it means you use someone else’s servers or services over the internet, rather than have to own, operate and manage those devices yourself.

This comes with some pretty big advantages, especially for dental clinics  – you don’t have to worry about the life cycle of the hardware, for starters. Any computer you buy will have a use-by date, and you will need to replace it. All you need to do to figure out how long your computer should last is look at your manufacturer’s warranty policy – generally between 1-3 years is all they cover you for.

Obviously this is a ‘minimum expectation,’ but sometimes minimum is all you get before a part stops working and the whole device stops turning on. Usually, this is fixable, but you may have hours or days of downtime waiting for the part. With hosted cloud servers, we’re able to provide servers that won’t degrade in performance over the years, nor will you need to upgrade the hardware – that’s our job.

If you have a server in your clinic, you also have to work out backups, to ensure that if you get infected by a virus or even just accidentally delete something super important, that you don’t lose that important patient data. If you have a cloud server, backups are again our job. Basically, you just get to use a server, without worrying about any of the extra bits and pieces.

Cloud Services such as hosted emails, websites, domains and such are usually things you can’t really do yourself (without your own know-how and hardware/software licensing, anyway.)

Our company started as a cloud backup provider – our roots are in the cloud! Have a chat with us about how we can make your dental clinic life a little easier with cloud services.