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Network Solutions

Not every business fits into a one-size-fits-all network. The good news is, networking may be complex sometimes, but you’d be surprised at the magic you can achieve with proper planning and know-how.

Network security is a high priority these days, and a network perimeter firewall is always a great investment. Having your network know when you’re trying to visit an infected site and stopping you before you can be compromised is a very convenient feature.

In Australia, businesses that are compromised are now required to report this publicly. Nobody wants to have to do this – business is built on trust, and if your clients can’t trust that their data is safe in your system, they won’t do business with you. Many businesses simply don’t take this seriously enough – in fact, most people don’t take the risk of being compromised seriously enough.

There are a huge number of case studies out there where a ridiculous amount of power over a person’s identity can be taken with the simplest bit of data, like a birth date listed on social media. As a business, your security is only as good as your employees allow it to be.

As such, we advise a minimum of training for all businesses to pick up on scams and suspicious emails and activities. On top of that, there are few steps as easy, but powerful, as implementing strong network security.


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