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Disaster Recovery

Nothing lasts forever – computers are certainly no exception to this. With the amount of information  they store they are perfect targets, and there is no shortage of people going after them. Every week there’s a new variant of virus or malware designed to either steal the data directly, or lock it up and force you to pay to unlock it.

Sometimes, you need data recovery help simply because your computer or server has just given up the ghost. Whatever the cause, you should get in touch early and get it checked out.

Prevention is better than needing a cure – there’s only one foolproof prevention. Antivirus is absolutely necessary, but when disaster strikes, you’re only as good as the effort you put into your backups. Nothing in IT is more important than backups. Lots of backups, day and night, for days and weeks and as long as you can.

We recommend using multiple types of backups to multiple destinations. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think, but in life there are some things you just have to do right. Tyres, band-aids and backups.