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VoIP – Voice over IP. Essentially, phones over the internet (digital vs analog.) As the NBN continues to roll out, you already know (hopefully!) that your NBN internet and your phones won’t work on the same line – so if your internet comes in on the phone line, when you upgrade to NBN your phones stop working.

ISPs get around this by upgrading you to VoIP phones – internet phones. As long as you have internet, they work. They are great because you (depending on your provider) can get a huge amount of flexibility and customization that you would associate with those big companies where you call and press buttons to direct your calls.

Our favourite features are things like specifying your business hours so calls outside of these go straight to voicemail, or ring your mobile. Pressing a button on the phone to automatically divert calls until you turn it off. Automatically diverting calls to a mobile if your internet goes down so that calls don’t just disappear into the void. Having voicemails get wrapped up in an email and delivered to your inbox for easy listening.

The key to all these things is automation. Make sure if you do look into VOIP solutions to ensure that you get all of these features – have a chat with us!

Voip Service


Local Calls 6c ex / Minute
Mobile Calls 20c ex / Minute
10 Phone PBX $40 ex / Month



We only use high quality yealink handsets for a reliable premium VoIP experience



From:$75ex ea
Let us provision your handsets for a flat fee so you can ensure a smooth migration experience


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